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Stressed out by too many great opportunities?

Kids are bombarded with amazing opportunities from dance lessons, and soccer, to robotics, and drama club. One 8-year-old girl in my office counted ten after school activities she thought she just had to participate in to be happy. Mom was overwhelmed with the girl’s repeated demands to take her to all those events and buy…

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The Piggyback Ride Adventure

Hank sat in the waiting room with his mother not wanting to come into the playroom. I waited in the waiting room with him, accepting his right to make this decision for himself. Soon, Hank was ready to go to the playroom with me.  As I accepted his decision not to engage in relationship with…

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Are you losing sleep over challenges with your kids? Are you looking for an out of the box solution that doesn’t leave you feeling inadequate and guilty? Welcome. I’m Deborah Woods. I’m a National Certified Counselor, mom,  and kid whisperer. I empower parents to team up with their kids on a journey of self-discovery and joyful connection.…

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