Courageous Next Step ...

You're standing at a fork in the road.

Where do you go next?

You've come a long way in your gratitude journey and now here you are. You've decided to continue our conversation and to explore some next steps. I am honored that you have chosen to continue the journey with me.

Let's start this next part of our trek with some additional writing prompts.


Imagine your child is now fully grown. You've done your job. You've raised your child successfully. He or she is an adult and you're feeling proud of the part you played in the person your child has become. Let's dream for a moment about what your relationship with your adult child looks like in your imagination, at it's best.

  • 1

    Picture you and your now all grown up child across the table from one another at Thanksgiving Dinner.

    What do you want to feel? What do you want your adult child to feel? What do you imagine the conversation at dinner will be?

  • 2

    Imagine your adult son or daughter is celebrating a personal success.

    How would you like to hear about it? Would you like to be a part of the celebration? If so, how?

  • 3

    Imagine your adult son or daughter sharing with you a personal struggle.

    As you listen you hear confidence and the kind of character you always wanted to see in your child. You feel proud and believe in your child's ability to work through the challenge. Can you see yourself listening and responding? How does it feel to know your adult child values your advice?

  • 4

    Imagine your adult child now has kids.

    Do you see yourself involved in their lives? How often do you cuddle your grandchildren? Are they eager to see you? Do you look forward to seeing them?

  • 5

    Imagine an ordinary month, week, or day as a mom whose child is all grown.

    How often do you talk on the phone or visit face to face? How do you feel when you talk or see one another?

  • 6

    Imagine you're making plans to do something with your now grown child.

    Who initiated the plans? What might you be doing together? What do you like about going places together as adults?

  • 7

    You're loving sharing your child's life now that he or she is all grown up.

    What's the best part?

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