Empower Your Child to Flourish!

When moms are faced with a child's behavior problems, they bring them to see me. Hi, I'm Deborah Woods, National Certified Counselor. I've been working with children in play therapy for more than 30 years. It turns out that the process I use in the playroom to help kids heal and grow, is even more effective when moms use it at home with their own kids. Exciting studies reveal that when moms are trained to provide a child of their own with a weekly 30 minute special play time, the results are even more amazing than when a trained professional like myself helps kids in the office using the same process. And moms get results faster! That really gets me excited about sharing this program with you!

You can avoid parent-child problems before they start!

Your child doesn't have to have behavior problems to benefit from a close, healing relationship with you.


The good news is your child doesn't have drive you crazy to benefit from a great relationship with you! Child and parent special play times prevent minor stresses from becoming major problems.

Would you like to discover how to equip your child to flourish in childhood and become a happy, successful adult? Skills like creative problem-solving, resilience, and the ability to cope with stress empower kids to be their best at home, with their friends, and at school.

Would you like to help your child discover how to access her own inner resources to overcome life's challenges and bounce back quickly? Would you like him to discover ways to communicate with you about the things he's thinking, feeling, and experiencing instead of becoming so overwhelmed he acts out?

Would you like to discover incredible tools you can use any time you choose to turn potential problems into moments of growth?

Play Power Online Home Learning Program reveals how in just 30 minutes once a week you and your child can discover joy in life's journey. I reveal a step by step system for structuring your own special 30 minute play times. You'll develop the confidence you need to give your child the quality time and attention he needs to live life to it's fullest.



Play heals.

Play heals both mom and child. Kids and moms both experience so much stress in their daily lives. You both need quality time to heal from it all. I'll reveal how you can use special play time to repair your relationship after the day's conflicts and enjoy making memories together.

Play reveals.

Play reveals how your child is taking in what’s going on around her. Without a way to tune in, who knows what kids are making of the things they experience every day in the world? Play reveals your child’s ideas, about his world and others in it, that shape how he behaves. When you get what's going on you have a better opportunity to direct your child's growth.

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Play magnetizes.

Play bonds mom and daughter so when there’s a problem, coming to mom isn’t the last place a daughter goes after her friends, her friends’ mothers, and her teenage cousins.  Play draws a son out of isolation and into conversation with you. When you use this proven method for giving kids quality time and attention, you stay relevant. He pays attention to you because you paid attention to him. In special play times, you and your child create a close, loving relationship in just 30 minutes a week.

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