You CAN have a fun, gratifying & loving relationship with your child... and in only 30 min a week!

Life is so busy. And like other moms your days are packed with activities and responsibilities.

Wouldn't it be nice if your child didn't drive you crazy?

And if sharing quality time meant you had to discipline less often?


Your child doesn't need to have a big behavior problem to benefit from a close, happy relationship!

As a counselor it's heartbreaking to see kids with problems that could have been avoided if moms knew what I know.


I've been working with children in play therapy for more than 30 years. I've spent about 15,000 hours playing with kids. Hi, I'm Deborah Woods, National Certified Counselor. It turns out that the process I use in the playroom to help kids heal and grow, is even more effective when moms use it at home with their own kids to protect them from the things that increase the risk of mental illness and to build the things that lead to great mental health and happiness.

Studies show that when you use this proven process,  your  results  can  be  even  better  than  when  a trained professional like myself uses it.

Moms get results faster!

That really gets me excited about sharing this program with you!


I have four wonderful children. We have a great relationship, and I wanted to make it even better. Before Deborah's program, I struggled with reacting to situations. I heard Deborah Woods was a master at responding to difficult and emotional circumstances. Deborah showed me how I could be a thermostat setting the tone in my relationships, and not a thermometer, just reacting.  She taught me how to stay in control and to diffuse intense emotions. As a result of working with Deborah, I'm now creating an environment where my children feel m understood and accepted. And that’s improved our relationship.

Beth, St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Why Play?

Play heals.

Kids and moms both experience so much stress in their daily lives. When you add in the effects of the big stuff, it can get overwhelming.

Play heals the effects of daily stress and trauma for moms and kids. Both kids and moms need quality time to heal from it all. You'll discover how you can use special play times to repair your parent-child relationship after the day's conflicts and enjoy making memories together. I'll reveal how to help your child bounce back quickly and build resilience for the future.

Play reveals.

Kids take in everything that's going on around them. They have their own ideas about what it all means. Play reveals how your child is taking in what’s going on around her. Without a way to tune in, who knows what your child is thinking and feeling about the things he's experiencing?

Play reveals your child’s ideas, about his world and others in it, that shape how he behaves. When you get what's going on in her world, you have a better opportunity to direct your child's growth. The skills I use as a child counselor equip me to tune into the play of children. They naturally reveal their thoughts, feelings, and the way they see the things in their homes, schools, and the world where they live each day. In shared play times, moms get to know their children in a whole new way.

Play magnetizes.

Play bonds mom and daughter so when there’s a problem, coming to mom isn’t the last place a daughter goes after her friends, her friends’ mothers, and her teenage cousins. 

Play draws a son out of isolation and into conversation with you.

Moms who begin the process in early childhood, lay the foundation for great communication in the teen years and even into the adult years when the parent-child relationship changes into a relationship between two adults who love and respect one another.

When you use this proven method for giving kids quality time and attention, you stay relevant. Kids pay attention to you because you paid attention to them. In special play times, you and your child create a close, loving relationship in just 30 minutes a week.

Deborah Woods and Playtime Power have been a complete Godsend, like 100%. A miracle. I’ve discovered how to bond with my daughter in a way I’ve never done before. I can really see and understand her feelings. It’s crazy how the whole thing works. She’s the same but she’s able to express herself better. She opens up to me more and feels comfortable telling me things. Before she shut down, or cried. Now, she talks to me. I know how to approach her. I’ve grown as a parent and she’s grown as a kid. You’re never prepared for situations that bring you to therapy. I felt like I should have known how to properly help her through that situation. I didn’t understand a lot of stuff until I got the training. We both needed this play therapy.

Rachel, St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Play Power Online Home Learning Program

Play Power Online Home Learning Program reveals how, in just 30 minutes, once a week, you and your child can take your relationship to a new level. I reveal a step by step system for having your own special 30 minute play times. You'll discover the confidence you need to give your child quality time and attention. Since the program is self-paced you can easily fit it into your busy mom schedule. (Because I know you're busy!)

Mom, Powerful Play times will help you! Here's how:

  • Prevent minor stresses from becoming major problems.
  • Put an end to feeling distant, inattentive or emotionally unavailable for your child.
  • Equip your child to flourish in childhood so she can become a happy, successful adult.
  • Help your child become a creative problem-solver.
  • Empower kids to be their best at home, with their friends, and at school.
  • Access inner resources to overcome challenges and bounce back quickly.
  • Communicate the things he's thinking, feeling, and experiencing instead of becoming so overwhelmed he acts out.
  • Discover incredible tools you can use any time you choose to turn potential problems into moments of growth.


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Connect with Your Kids for a Lifetime of Influence!

During our 8 weeks together you'll discover:


Before working with Deborah Woods I was struggling trying to help my son cope with his behavioral issues. I didn’t know how to control him. He was fighting stress, anxiety, and what looked to me like panic attacks. He didn’t know how to voice his feelings in a helpful way.

I knew I needed a solution but I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find the right kind of help or treatment for our family or for my son until I found Deborah. Deborah helped my son express himself and come out of his shell.

Deborah equipped me to encourage my son to share his thoughts and feelings. She empowered me to understand why he acts the way does sometimes. I feel like I can handle what is going on with my son. Deborah has given me the tools I need.

As a result of working with Deborah, my son can communicate his needs and his emotions. He’s definitely come out of his shell. He is able to use words more than behavior to get his message across. Although he still has meltdowns, they’re productive now. And I’m confident and prepared. I know what he needs and how to handle him.

Dena, St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Happy Parent-Child Memories Cushion the Rough Spots!

Here's a SUMMARY of What You'll Enjoy in the Program...

Element #1

Play Power 8 Week Video Program

In the 8 Week Play Power Online Video Program, you'll receive weekly content broken up into short and easy to consume instructional videos. I'll reveal the what, why, and how behind all the professional trade secrets you need to know to have your own special play times. And you'll find plenty of scripts, simple to do worksheets, and resources to get you playing!

Element #2

Play Power Members Only Online Community

In the Play Power Parents Online Community, you'll find other like-minded parents. Ask questions and enjoy the benefit of their shared experiences. I drop by to answer questions and give you additional hot tips, inspiration, and encouragment.

Element #3

Play Power Personal Group Coaching

Hop on a monthly call and talk over something you've been wondering about that has come up in your play sessions. Listen in to what other parents are sharing. Pick up extra tips I share as you listen in. Join the conversation and discover new possibilities.

Following this process will give you the relationship you've wanted without the mommy guilt. Special powerful playtimes will help ease the tensions and set you up for success.


Deborah has not only helped me feel more equipped to respect my girls’ feelings while setting appropriate limits for their behaviors, but she has also empowered me to respect my OWN feelings and set appropriate boundaries for myself.  I wish I had had these skills 15 years ago, when my kids were little and parenting was so much more challenging.  It is a crying shame that I lived for so long feeling like a bad mom, but I feel incredibly grateful to have these skills now and it is an absolute privilege to recommend Deborah to others.


Virginia, St. Louis, Missouri, USA



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    Here is me and my little guy! Isn't he cute? Brings back memories.

    Unfortunately, not all of those memories are good. Life together wasn't easy back then. Growing up, my Ryan had a whole bunch of learning disabilities, Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity, Social Anxiety Disorder, and some sensory processing issues. Being a mom was hard.

    Today, he's all grown up and I am so proud of him! He went from a child who got panicked by the thought of being around people to a man with great people skills. He's become an avid reader. He doesn't let that reading disability stop him. He even reads for pleasure!

    My husband and I have been married for 37 years. We don't know how we would have managed if I hadn't been a child counselor. My education and training was put to the test. What I learned as a mom and a counselor, I discovered in the trenches.

    I'm passionate about sharing this program with you. You shouldn't have to struggle the way I did, for as long as my Sonshine, my hubby, and I had to struggle.

    Deborah taught me that our son is a person with feelings instead of someone in the way of my getting things done. When he was younger, I verbally attacked him a lot.  Before Deborah learned the skills she now teaches, I would have paid half my salary for these skills. Since she’s taught me the playtime power parenting skills, I have learned to hold my ground while being more patient.  I no longer shatter the peace of our home thanks to my wife. Now that our son is grown, he and I enjoy a wonderful father-son relationship!

    David Woods